9 Volt Visuals is a one-man boutique graphic design shop.


Handcrafting graphics & developing branding from my studio in Long Beach circa '96 lets me know one thing about myself. That I have exceeded the 10,000 hour expertise threshold by a solid factor of at least four.


Now don't let my size fool you. From a hierarchical corporate structure to mano a mano with an owner or a marketing director, I flourish.


If you like what you see & find your company in need of a distinctive & compelling design that completes your business goals, let's talk.


Bobby June · 213 290 2880 · Email


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Print  ·  Campaigns  ·  Direct  ·  Social  ·  Gorilla



Complete or Limited Company Evaluation & Makeover  ·  Guides  ·  Research  ·  Merchandising



Web Sites Designed in Adobe Muse (No WP/No Templates) ·  Responsive  ·  Fluid  ·  Social Ads  ·  SEO



Logos  ·  Icons  ·  Naming  ·  Trademarking  ·  Typeface



Stationary  ·  Brochures  ·  Catalogs  ·  Reports  ·  Plans  ·  Forms  ·  Manuals  ·  Booklets



Die-Cut  ·  Shipping  ·  P.O.P.  ·  Blister  ·  Bottles  ·  Tags  ·  Labels  ·  Containers  ·  Handmade



Events  ·  Outdoor  ·  Vehicle  ·  Signage  ·  Posters



Illustrations  ·  Photography  ·  T-Shirts  ·  Technical  ·  Portraits


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I don't have employees and this good for you. Your project will not get handed off to a lessor junior designer. I focus on designing two to three projects consecutively. In most cases, please prepare to book your project a week or two in advance. Concepts can be discussed in person, via web cam or by email.



I acclimate*.  Clients can choose between three options:


 1 · an hourly rate of $85 per hour

2 · a quote for a project in its entirety (invoices average between $500-$10,000)

3 ·  retainer at $1000-2000 per month (the feel of an off-site employee sans baggage)


In my experience, the billing processes generally feels like this in a Yelp-like fashion:

Hourly = $$$          Project = $$          Retainer = $



 By handshake or a simple contract, your choice. No matter how you roll, flexibility with changes, client needs & no up-charges keeps project costs extremely predictable (except when billed hourly).



When we start a project together, proof-of-concepts are shown before any money leaves your books. This means no deposit will be due until initial comps are approved.



 Once they are approved, a deposit of 50% is due. The remaining 50% is due upon project completion. Hourly bills weekly. Retainer, monthly.



Projects completion time average at two weeks. If billed per-project or retainer, the invoice will match the original quote regardless of revision quantity you throw at me as it is my job to extract your thoughts in as rich of spectrum of objectives and images as you see in your head.


*I added this footnote to expand on my acclimation to business billing preferences to add their size as a factor. I enjoy mom and pop, small manufacturers and large corporations. But let's be real, budgets vary and so can my fees. If there are gaps in my workload, small projects fill them nicely.


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My name is Bobby.

My number is 213 29O 288O & my email is here.